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Northwest Iowa — Republican 4th District Congressman Steve King has taken to twitter to lash out at critics of his recent comments on abortion — and he’s sending a fundraising email about the uproar.

King backs an abortion ban that does NOT include exceptions for rape and incest. On Wednesday, King mused out loud at that given the pillaging of centuries past, there might not be any population of the world left if all the products of rape and incest were removed from family trees. Iowa Republican Party chairman Jeff Kaufmann says the party platform opposes all abortion and aligns with King’s policy position, but King’s line of reasoning was offensive.

Four other Republicans have announced they plan to challenge King in next year’s primary. The Iowa GOP’s chairman says the party is neutral in the primary – and it’s up to voters in the fourth congressional district to decide.

Liz Cheney, the top-ranking woman among Republicans in the U.S. House, called on King to resign this week. King, on Twitter is demanding on apology from Cheney. King has also tweeted at several of the Democratic presidential candidates who condemned his remarks. King accused Cory Booker of supporting the “killing of little black babies” and King tweeted at Joe Biden, saying: “Don’t look now, but Elizabeth Warren just passed you up in Iowa.”

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Statewide Iowa — Law officers in northwest Iowa and across the state have started a two-week enforcement effort on the state’s highways as part of the national Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign.

Patrick Hoye, spokesman for the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau, says August and Labor Day weekend are among the deadliest times to travel Iowa’s roads.

Law officers will concentrate on several key problem areas.

He offers a few simple recommendations for motorists.

Hoye says there were five traffic fatalities in Iowa over Labor Day weekend last year.

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Northwest Iowa — (RI) — Iowa 4th District Republican Congressman Steve King is drawing criticism from Democrats AND TWO of his Republican challengers for remarks King made Wednesday morning about his “heartbeat bill” that has no exceptions for rape and incest and would ban nearly all abortions.

King made his comments Wednesday morning at the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale. Last year King argued abortion opponents needed to “swing for the fences” since President Trump had secured a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court. King introduced “The Heartbeat Protection Act” which would effectively ban abortions after about the sixth week of a pregnancy.

State Senator Randy Feenstra of Hull, one of the Republicans who’s challenging King’s bid for a 10th term, tweeted that he is “100 percent pro-life” but Feenstra said “King’s bizarre comments and behavior diminish” the pro-life cause. Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor, another G-O-P challenger, says King’s comments aren’t helpful.

Most of the Democratic presidential candidates have commented on King’s remarks about rape and incest, too. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker released a written statement calling on King to resign. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted the same message. Former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke castigated King and tweeted out a link for donations to J.D. Scholten. Scholten is the Democrat who’s running again in the fourth congressional district after coming within three percentage points of defeating King in 2018. Scholten issued a written statement, saying “excusing violence — in any way — is unacceptable” and he’s called King’s comments on rape and incest “disrespectful to survivors.”

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Northwest Iowa — The abundant rainfall we received early this spring had many area farmers not getting their crops into the field until later than normal.

Iowa State University Extension Crop Specialist Joel De Jong says there were some northwest Iowa acres that didn’t get planted at all this year, but he says the number of acres was nothing like they experienced in South Dakota.

De Jong says there are some unplanted acres in our area, but he says it could be a lot worse.

He says many of the fields in this area have crops that look good, but, he says, there’s still a concern.

De Jong says even if the frost holds off until after the harvest is complete, there’s going to be a lot of drying required.

He held off on offering any harvest predictions, other than to say the crop will get harvested.

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Northwest Iowa — Iowa’s gasoline prices continue to be among the lowest in the country, according to Mark Peterson with Triple-A Iowa.

While there’s still more than a month of summer left, the summertime driving season is coming to an end with the start of school. Still, Peterson says there’s an unusual trend starting to emerge in gasoline sales.

Based on the boost in demand, simple economics dictactes we should soon see a corresponding boost in prices.

The daily Triple-A survey finds the cheapest gas in Iowa is being sold in Sioux City at $2.35 a gallon while the most expensive gas is in Dubuque at $2.62. Here in northwest Iowa prices are a within a few cents of $2.54 a gallon.

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Sibley, Iowa — An area health facility is changing its name, and officials say it’s to “better reflect the community it serves.”

Osceola Community Hospital in Sibley has been renamed “Osceola Regional Health Center.” Ben Davis, CEO of Osceola Regional Health Center says that they wanted a name that encompasses all that they do. He says that although the facility started out as a small community hospital, their service offerings and areas of reach have extended far beyond that. He says, “As a top regional hospital offering the latest technology and skilled providers, we feel that Osceola Regional Health Center is a much more fitting name.”

Along with a new name, the hospital has a new look. Officials tell us the refreshed logo is “a modern design that is both simple and complex, a circle with a triangle, signifying that everything is connected.” They say that the three parts of the triangle represent Osceola Regional Health Center’s commitment to its mission: quality, service, and impact.

Board chair Barb Van Diepen says that the board is so pleased to help position Osceola Regional Health Center as the destination for top quality medical care in Osceola County and beyond. She says it is a facility that “we can all be proud of, and one which will serve the needs of its patients for generations to come.”

Officials tell us this rebranding effort aligns with other changes and initiatives Osceola Regional Health Center has experienced throughout its 55-year history. Most recently, this includes the building of Heartwood Heights, senior apartment complex, new surgical suites, a new wellness and rehab center, the remodeled physicians’ office complex, and community-wide childcare opportunities.

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Ashton, Iowa — Ashton Town And Country Day 2019 is coming up this weekend.

One of the people organizing the event, Jodi Johnson says there are a ton of activities planned for Saturday.

She says there are lots of things for kids to do.

She tells us what else is up on Saturday.

That’s all at Ashton’s Town and Country Day, this Saturday in Ashton. You can find more information on Facebook. Just look for Ashton Town and Country.

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Statewide Iowa — (RI) — A new gambling study released by the Iowa Department of Public Health estimates more than one-point-seven million adult Iowans gambled during the past 12 months.

Iowa Gambling Treatment program manager, Eric Preuss, says that’s up just a bit compared to the last survey three years ago.

Preuss says there is a common link between the increases in the number of people gambling.

Preuss says the number of people in the survey who said they were experiencing some symptoms of problem gambling was 13-point-six percent, a one percent increase compared to the 2015 survey. He says those who experienced those feelings also knew where to turn.

Although less than one percent of Iowans are classified as problem or pathological gamblers, Preuss says more than one in five adults say they have been impacted by the gambling behavior of a family member, friend, or someone else they know. He says this survey helps keep them on top of the issue, especially with the advent of legalized sports betting.

Preuss says symptoms of problem gambling include: being preoccupied with gambling, and/or restless or irritable when not gambling; secretive about gambling habits, and defensive when confronted; increasing bet amounts when gambling in order to achieve the desired excitement; trying unsuccessfully to control, cut back or stop gambling; gambling to escape problems; chasing losses with more gambling; committing crimes to finance gambling; jeopardizing or losing relationships, jobs, education or career opportunities because gambling; relying on others to relieve a desperate financial situation caused by gambling. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem can find out how to get help by visiting Your Life Iowa at:

Photo Caption: Eric Preuss – Courtesy Radio Iowa

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Statewide Iowa — (RI) — A 150-foot-long wind turbine blade positioned on the northwest corner of the Iowa State Fairgrounds was the site of a ceremony Monday.

Governor Kim Reynolds signed the blade — and signed a proclamation declaring this “wind week” in Iowa.

American Wind Energy Association CEO Tom Kiernan says more than nine-thousand people are working in 10 different Iowa factories that are supplying things like wind turbine towers and blades.

Iowa Economic Development Authority director Debi Durham says one-third of all consumers make purchasing decisions based on a company’s environmental and social impact.

By 2020, Iowa wind turbines are projected to account for 40 percent of the energy produced in the state.

Photo: Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Signs Wind Turbine Blade – Photo courtesy Radio Iowa

Statewide Iowa — (RI) — If you plan to do landscaping that involves digging this weekend you should have called 8-1-1 earlier this week to have your yard marked for underground utilities.

Nicole Breitbach, the community affairs manager for Black Hills Energy, says National Safe Digging Day is this Sunday.

Safe Digging Day is held every August 11th as that’s 8-1-1 on the calendar. It’s a way to remind the public about calling 8-1-1 if they plan to do any digging. Besides, it’s the law.

If an underground utility line is hit while you’re digging, it can cause serious injuries, interrupt service to your entire neighborhood, and potentially result in fines and repair costs.

To learn more visit