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Northwest Iowa — Last week there were several thousand bicycles trekking through northwest Iowa, and now we prepare for a big influx of motorcycles travelling west on area highways, with the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally beginning in the Black Hills of South Dakota later this week.

Triple-A Iowa’s Rose White reminds motorists to watch out for the 2-wheeled vehicles.

Even without the additional motorcycle traffic generated by folks travelling to Sturgis, White says there are still plenty of motorcycles out and about this time of year.

Strengthening the state’s texting-while-driving law may help to prevent crashes. Iowa’s new primary texting law became effective July 1st. White reminds motorists to never tailgate a motorcyclist. Give them extra space as they may need to make sudden lane changes to avoid potholes or road debris. She says motorcyclists need to be cautious and courteous, too.

25 motorcyclists have lost their lives on Iowa roads so far this year, but deaths are tracking much lower than last year at this time.  60 motorcyclists were killed in Iowa during all of 2016.

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Osceola County, Iowa — A telephone hearing has been set in the case of the Osceola County Board of Supervisors establishment of a TIF District to provide funds to be used to help finance infrastructure in the City of Harris.

In March 2015, Harris was under an administrative order from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to update its lagoon, but the city lacked the debt capacity to take on the improvements. As a result, on March 10, 2015, the city sent a letter to the Osceola County Board of Supervisors “asking for help with possibly doing a TIF on the windmills for infrastructure within the City.” Within a couple of weeks, at a meeting of the board, the Harris mayor “asked that the supervisors consider establishing an urban renewal area including the turbines and city of Harris to help fund needed projects.”

In October 2015, the Board of Supervisors held a Public Hearing on a resolution to establish an urban renewal area, and approve the urban renewal plan and project for the area.  The newly-created TIF area was set to include the city of Harris, as well as an area of land upon which a wind farm had been constructed.

The plaintiffs in the case are resident taxpayers of Osceola County and of the Harris-Lake Park School District. They filed a petition for writ of certiorari and declaratory judgment challenging the resolution and the ordinance passed by or involving Osceola County and the City of Harris. In conjunction, the resolution and ordinance established an urban renewal area and an urban renewal plan and divided the tax revenue levied on that area as tax increment financing to fund the plan. The plaintiffs challenged the Supervisors’ actions, claiming they would be harmed as taxpayers.

Osceola County and the City of Harris filed a motion for summary judgment, and the district court granted it, finding the plaintiff’s lacked standing to challenge the resolution and their claims involving the ordinance were untimely. The plaintiffs’ petition was dismissed. On appeal, the plaintiffs challenged the district court’s ruling and maintained the merits of their motion for summary judgment should have been granted instead.

In their review of the case, while the Iowa Court of Appeals upheld the District Court ruling that the plaintiffs’ claims were, in fact, untimely, since they were filed prior to the enactment of the ordinance they challenged; the Appeals Court did reverse the lower court’s ruling, saying that the plaintiffs DID, in fact, have standing to pursue the case.

The Court of Appeals remanded the case back to District Court for further proceedings, writing, “On remand, the plaintiffs may refile their motion for summary judgment or the claims regarding Resolution 10-15/16 may be set for trial.”

A telephonic hearing has been set in which the plaintiffs’ and defendants’ legal counsel and a judge will discuss the case. The hearing is scheduled for Friday, August 18th at 9:00 a.m. The plaintiffs have renewed their motion for summary judgment.

The complete ruling from the Iowa Court of Appeals can be seen by CLICKING HERE.

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Edward Jederberg, age 74, of Sheldon, Iowa, passed away on Monday, July 24, 2017 at Sanford Sheldon Medical Center in Sheldon.

Visitation with the family will be Saturday, July 29, 2017, from 9:30 to 11:00 A.M. at the Andringa Funeral Home Sheldon Funeral Service in Sheldon.

Burial will be at a later date at the Adrian Cemetery in Adrian, Minnesota.

Online Expressions of Sympathy can be sent to www.andringafuneralhome.com

The Andringa Funeral Home Sheldon Funeral Service of Sheldon in charge of arrangements for Edward Jederberg.

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McCallum. Museum is featuring the final exhibit of art from Sibley-Ocheyedan High School students  on Sunday, July 30. Hours are: Sundays from 1:30-4:30 and Tuesday’s + Thursdays from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Look for upcoming information on McCallum Museum’s WWI exhibit and Speaker Series programs for August. Programs are from 2:00-3:00 p.m. For information call Jan Stofferan at 712-754-3710.

Sibley, Iowa — As of Friday, Osceola County Attorney Bob Hansen has retired from his position. A man practicing law in Texas will take over before August 15th. But for the next three weeks or so, Osceola County is going to share a county attorney with Clay County.

A preliminary 28-E agreement was hammered out and was discussed by both the Osceola County Board of Supervisors and the Clay County Board of Supervisors to share the services of Clay County Attorney Kristi (Busse) Kuester until the new attorney, Nolan McGowan starts.

After the Clay County board and Kuester looked at the agreement, they suggested some compensation rates. They suggest a flat $800 for insurance and IPERS, plus $65 per hour working on Osceola County cases and $40 per hour during travel time, plus mileage of 40 cents per mile. Kuester will also continue as the full-time elected Clay County Attorney at her pre-established salary and benefits.

The Osceola County Board of Supervisors will discuss whether to approve the agreement at their meeting this Tuesday, July 25th.

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James K. Rud, age 61, of Ashton, Iowa, passed away on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at Sanford Sheldon Medical Center in Sheldon.

He will be cremated and private Memorial Services will be at a later date.

Online Expressions of Sympathy can be sent to www.andringafuneralhome.com

The Andringa Funeral Home Sheldon Funeral Service in charge of arrangements for James K. Rud

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota — Todd Heitkamp, the owner of Dakota Angler in Sioux Falls, SD, provides the latest fishing report for the Tri-State area of Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota. Despite the heat, people are still catching fish! Here’s the latest Dakota Angler 2-Minute Fishing Report. Plus, remember all our Shad Raps are “family priced” at $5.99! Please share!

Northeast South Dakota

Lake Fishing Report
Enemy Swim A few walleyes and perch.
Horseshoe A few walleyes and smallmouth.
Pelican A few walleyes and perch.
Dry Lake #2(By Willow Lake) Walleyes fair to good.
Big Stone Lake Perch and bluegills fair along with a few walleye.
Poinsett Perch and walleye fair. A few pike.
Lake Hendricks A few walleye.
Bitter Lake Walleye fair. A few perch.
Waubay Walleye and perch fair.
Reetz N/A.
Dry Lake #3 (By Florence) A few walleye..
Pickerel Lake A few walleye, crappie, and perch.
West Oakwood A few perch and walleye.
Swan Lake A few walleye.
Lake Kampeska Walleyes fair.
Piyas A few perch.
Blue Dog Walleyes fair to good.
Lake Cochrane Few reports.
Casey’s Slough A few walleye.
Indian Springs Walleyes fair and a few perch.
Lynn Lake A few walleye.
Dry Lake #1 (Clark/Garden City) A few walleye.
Traverse A few walleyes.
Lake Albert Walleyes fair.
Lake Henry Walleyes slow to fair.
Roy Lake Few walleye and smallmouth bass.
Buffalo Few reports.

Southeast South Dakota

Lake Fishing Report
Madison Walleyes fair along with a few crappie and perch.
Vermillion Walleyes fair late afternoon and evening.
Lake Herman A few walleyes.
Wall Lake Walleyes and perch fair.
Lake Alvin Crappie and Walleyes fair, along with a few perch.
Diamond Walleyes fair.
Scott’s Slough A few crappie, perch, and walleye.
Island A few walleye and perch.
81 Ponds A few walleyes.
George WPA A few walleye.
Twin Lakes (by Montrose) N/A.
Thompson Walleyes fair to good. A few perch and crappie.
Brandt A few walleyes.
Whitewood A few perch.
Spirit Lake (North of De Smet) A few walleyes.
Henry WPA A few walleyes.
Family Park (Western Sioux Falls) A few bluegills, crappie, and pike..
Mitchell A few crappie and perch..
Menno A few walleye.
Beaver A few walleye.
Sinai Walleyes fair along with a few crappie.
Brush A few walleye.
Loss N/A
East Oakwood Walleyes fair.

Northwest Iowa

Lake Fishing Report
Spirit Lake Yellow bass fair to good. Walleyes fair. A few bluegills and crappie..
Silver Lake Walleyes fair to good.
East Okoboji Few walleyes, perch and bluegills.
West Okoboji Bluegills fair; A few perch and walleyes.
Lake Pahoja A few bluegills.

Southwest Minnesota

Lake Fishing Report
Shetek Walleyes fair and a few perch.
Sarah Walleyes fair to good.
Benton Few walleye.
East Twin Walleyes fair.
Round A few walleye.
Okabena Few walleye.

Missouri River

River Fishing Report
Mobridge Fair to good for walleyes.
Pierre Walleye bite is getting better.
Fort Thompson Walleyes fair to good.
Chamberlain Walleyes fair to good.
Platte Walleyes fair to good.
Pickstown Walleyes fair.
Yankton A few walleyes.

Other Rivers

River Fishing Report
James River Slow.
Big Sioux A few cats.
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Northwest Iowa — The Siouxland All Conference Softball teams are out with 4 Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley players on the 1st team. They are joined by 3 players from Sioux Center and West Lyon, 2 from GLR/CL, and one player each from Sheldon, MOC-FV and Okoboji.

Sammy Blum -BHRV
Cassie Van Beek -BHRV
Kaitlyn Van Der Zwaag- BHRV
Joanne Luevano -BHRV
Jessica Harald -SC
Kaylea Van Regenmorter -SC
Shayla Post -SC
Chayden Metzger -WL
Kami Te Grootenhuis -WL
Jordyn Kramer -WL
Annie Klatt -OKO
Zoe Heemstra -MOC-FV
Nicole Johnson -Sheldon
Ashley Boer -GLR/CL
Kayla Gergen -GLR/CL

Alexis Mousel -BHRV
Taylor Richter -BHRV
Camryn Cleveringa -SC
Hannah Dykshorn -SC
Madysn Grotewold -WL
Rachael Joachim -WL
Sierra Seeders -OKO
Blair Pekelder -MOC-FV
Tayler Weber -Sheldon
Jada Carlson -S-O

Brianna Brandt -BHRV
Aubrey Sandbulte -SC
Tessa Van Beek -WL
Abbie Klatt -OKO
Jadeyn Schutt -MOC-FV
Makenzie Wagner -Sheldon
Becca Roskam -GLR/CL
Jill Berkland -S-O

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Northwest Iowa — The Siouxland Conference All Conference Baseball Teams are out and Ben De Boer of MOC-FV, Cody Van Meeteren of Sheldon, Okoboji’s Matt Eckard, Shane Solberg and Zach Noble of BHRV, and Jaden Snyder and Monte Pottebaum of West Lyon were all unanimous selections to the 1st team.

Ben De Boer* -MOC-FV
Cody Van Meeteren* -Sheldon
Matt Eckard* -OKO
Shane Solberg* -BHRV
Zach Noble* -BHRV
Jaden Snyder* -WL
Monte Pottebaum* -WL
Isaac Heyer -WL
Noah Van’t Hof -WL
Gable Sieperda -CL
Riley Van Wyhe -CL
Payton Boone -SC
Jacob Cleveringa -SC
Mitchell Rentschler -WL
Isaac Vietor -SC

Brett Moser -BHRV
Mitchell Diekevers -BHRV
Dylan Snyders -WL
Bryce Peter -OKO
Tanner Olseson -WL
Alex Albrecht -Sheldon
Preston Marco -S-O
Dalton Van Briesen -GLR
Josh Van Beek -WL
Eli TeGrotenhuis -MOC-FV

Blake Johnson -GLR
Lars Ackerman -S-O
Ben Zeutenhorst -MOC-FV
Brendan Huisman -CL
Tyler Johnson -Sheldon
Isaac Fritsch -OKO
Cade Bleeker -SC
Jackson Mulder -BHRV
Nate Grotewold -WL

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Sibley, Iowa — The Sioux Falls Community Blood Bank will hold a blood drive at the Osceola Community Hospital in Sibley this Thursday, July 20th. And it’s a milestone blood drive.

Sioux Falls Community Blood Bank Executive Director Ken Versteeg tells us about it.

He says that the blood drive comes at a good time, since they are in need of blood.

He tells us why your donation now is so important.

Donors must be at least 17 years old or 16 with a signed parent consent form found at www.cbblifeblood.org, weigh 110 lbs or more and be in good general health the day of the donation. You are asked to bring an I.D. with you. It is recommended that a person eat and drink plenty of fluid prior to donating. For more information you can visit www.cbblifeblood.org or call Osceola Community Hospital at 712-754-2574.

Community Blood Bank is a nonprofit cooperative of Sanford and Avera Health and the sole blood provider to 34 local hospitals. Community Blood Bank is not associated with any other blood bank organizations.