April 4, 2017 - 2:22 pm - Posted in News

Alliant-logoNorthwest Iowa — Electric customers in parts of the KIWA listening area may soon be seeing the rates they pay for their electric power increase.

Alliant Energy has filed a request with the Iowa Utilities Board to increase its electric rates by 11-point-six percent. The president of Alliant Energy’s Iowa subsidiary, Interstate Power and Light, Doug Kopp, says the company has not raised electric rates for six years.

He says they’ve spent around $2.5-billion in improvements to the system, and the rate increase allows them to recover those costs. Kopp says the customers have benefited from the money invested in the electric system.

Kopp says the new Marshalltown plant gives them more flexibility in producing power right away when needed, and he says it is more environmentally friendly. Alliant has around 500-thousand electric customers in Iowa.

The first part of the rate request creates an interim rate increase on April 13th and then state regulators have to decide if they will grant the full increase.

The rate increase would go into place in 2018, depending on the ruling from the I-U-B. Kopp says there are some tax credits and transmission refunds that will reduce the impact of the rate increase in 2017 and 2018. Alliant customers will be getting information on the proposed rate increase in their monthly bills.

Alliant Energy is the electrical provider to several communities and rural areas in our immediate area, including: Ashton; Matlock; Melvin; Sibley; George; Harris; Ocheyedan; Lester; and Little Rock.

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