Ashton, Iowa — The search is still underway for the person or persons who damaged an HTC Communications pedestal in Ashton, knocking out cable and internet for the southern part of town.

A reckless driver is being blamed for the damage, which destroyed the equipment owned by HTC Communications.

Dave Raak of HTC says the company has received some tips that have been passed on to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, but the company has yet to discover the names on any suspect. Raak says the citizens of Ashton are quite upset over the situation, an observation echoed by Osceola County Chief Deputy Kevin Wollmuth.

As of late Tuesday (December 5th) morning, no arrests have been made in the case.

Raak asks anyone with information about the incident, or those involved, to contact HTC Communications at 712-752-8100.


Original story posted at 3:51 pm 12/4/2017

Ashton, Iowa — Folks in Ashton were without cable and internet service Saturday morning after some of HTC Communication’s equipment in Ashton was destroyed by an apparent reckless driver.

According to a post on the HTC Communications Facebook page, a reckless driver struck and heavily damaged a cable pedestal, which took out cable and internet to the south side of Ashton.

HTC Communications is asking anyone with information on the person or persons responsible to please contact HTC at 712-752-8100. HTC says this kind of damage impacts all customers with the inconvenience of no service, along with higher costs.

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