December 26, 2017 - 7:20 pm - Posted in News

Sibley, Iowa — You’ve got about a month left to purchase a brick to help the fundraising effort for the new Osceola County Aquatic Center that’s going to be built in Sibley.

Members of the Osceola County Aquatic Center Committee say that the plan is to re-use some of the pool items, but have an almost entirely new pool. A ballot measure passed in November in Sibley, helping to provide the funds needed for the pool. Sibley voters approved the City of Sibley to issue general obligation loan notes in the amount of $1.6 million for improving the city pool. The vote was 447 yes to 78 no.

Earlier, the deadline for the brick fundraiser was the end of this month. But that deadline has now been extended, according to Candi Norgaard, who’s in charge of the brick fundraiser.

She says about 90 percent of the money for the bricks goes toward the pool project. Norgaard tells us the bricks will become part of the new aquatic center’s bathhouse wall, in a section by themselves. She tells us how to purchase a brick or several.

Norgaard says you can also call the Sibley Chamber of Commerce for more information at 712-754-3212.

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