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Northwest Iowa — If you haven’t paid them yet, you have about four weeks left to pay the final installment of 2017-18 property taxes in Iowa without having to pay a penalty.

If you own real estate you’re required to pay half-a-year’s taxes on that real estate every six months. Or you can elect to pay the full year’s taxes in one payment. The spring payment was actually due on March 1st but may be paid without penalty by April 2nd. Normally the deadline is the last day of the month, but this time March 31st falls on a Saturday, so you get until Monday, April 2nd to pay this time.

The County Treasurers in northwest Iowa remind you that there are three different ways to pay your taxes. you can choose to pay your taxes online, at You can go to your County Treasurer’s Office and pay them in person, or you can mail your check to your County Treasurer’s Office. If you go to your Treasurer’s Office, or if you mail your tax payment, be the proper stub accompanies your payment. And remember, if you mail your payment, it MUST BE postmarked on or before April 2nd to avoid a penalty.

If you pay online, you will still need your stub or receipt from last fall because the online site asks for the receipt number. Also, paying online requires the payment of a convenience fee. If you pay by credit card, the treasurer’s offices say that the fee is 2.25% of your tax payment plus $1.50. But if you pay with an e-check, the entire fee is only $0.40.

The County Treasurer’s Offices in the four-county area are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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