Sibley, Iowa — Three Osceola County organizations have received a part of a $1.6 million bequest by a pair of farming brothers from rural Sibley.

Nick Schmalen, director of the Osceola County Conservation Board, tells us about what they received from the estate of George and Cecil Loof (pronounced “Loaf”).

According to, the average price for farmland in Osceola County is $9,069 per acre. If it were to bring that price, the land would be worth over $2.1 million by itself.

Schmalen tells us about the land.

He says what the conservation board will do with the money is, for the most part, undetermined at this point.

He tells us how the Conservation Board feels about the gift.

Ben Davis, CEO of Osceola Community Hospital in Sibley says their facility received $656,000 from the Loof estate.

Davis says they wish to thank the Loof brothers and their estate for the gift. He says those at the hospital are, “…truly blessed to have people in our community that believe in healthcare. …Generous gifts like this… assure the long-term viability of healthcare. We want to thank them for the confidence, trust, and belief placed in us.”

Osceola Community Hospital Director of Marketing Becky Krogman says it has not yet been determined for what purpose or purposes the money will be used. She says the Osceola Community Hospital Board will make those decisions.

A Sibley church was also given about $492,000 by the Loof estate. First Presbyterian Church leaders say the brothers were not members of the church.

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