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Sibley, Iowa — The construction of a “new” pool with many modern features continues for the residents of Osceola County. The old Sibley City Pool is being transformed into the Osceola County Aquatic Center.

Cory Dykstra, who is the City of Sibley’s Water Superintendent and Pool Renovation Project Manager, tells us work on the facility has been going on since mid-May.

He says construction is on schedule, or possibly a little ahead of schedule. He says workers are in the process of finishing up the installation of the stainless steel gutter. Dykstra says they were going to start pouring the zero-depth entry on Tuesday morning but had to delay that for a day due to the weather. The liner for the pool should arrive by the middle to end of September, says Dykstra. He says once the gutters are complete, they can start pouring deck.

The bathhouse part of the project is also coming along nicely, having been started about a week and a half ago. He says demolition is going better than he expected, so they’re either on schedule or ahead of schedule as well.

Dykstra says while most of the pool portion of the aquatic center will be complete by October, there will probably be some finishing touches to wrap up in Spring, 2019. He says the contract end dates for both the pool and bathhouse are May 15, 2019. Dykstra tells us that the bathhouse contractor is thinking perhaps they will be finished by March or April. He says the contractors have done a very good job of staying on schedule, even with the much wetter-than-average spring and summer.

He tells us that the facility will be packed with features for bathers to enjoy when it’s finished.

Dykstra says the pool part of the project is estimated to cost $2.1 million, with the bathhouse renovation estimated to cost $400,000 to $500,000. Sibley voters approved the city to issue general obligation loan notes in the amount of $1.6 million. The vote was 447 yes to 78 no. Donors also gave a half million dollars toward the project.

Photo caption: Work continues on the Osceola County Aquatic Center on August 27, 2018 (Cory Dykstra)

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