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Iowa Ranks 2nd Best State For Drivers

[1]Statewide Iowa — (RI) —┬áIowa again ranks among the best states in the country for motorists, according to a report from a personal finance website.

Adrian Garcia, a data analyst for Bankrate.com, says they compared things like annual insurance premiums, road conditions and commute times in all 50 states.

The reports are done every two years. In this latest report, Iowa placed 2nd in the national rankings, up from 3rd in 2016.

The average Iowa driver pays about a thousand dollars a year for car insurance, while the average California driver pays $17-hundred. Likewise, commute times in Iowa average 19 minutes versus 29 minutes in California, which ranked 50th on the list.

The report finds 11-percent of Iowa’s roads are of poor quality, compared to last-place California where 44-percent of the roads are in poor shape. The best state for drivers, according to the report, is North Dakota, followed by Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota and Nebraska. The worst state is California, followed by Hawaii, Connecticut, New Jersey and Washington.

You can view the entire 50-state report by CLICKING HERE [2].