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Statewide Iowa — (RI) — The Internal Revenue Service is highlighting the importance of keeping your tax information safe this week.

IRS spoksman, Christopher Miller says “National Tax Security Awareness Week” is especially important based on the trend this year.

Phising is when someone uses an email address that looks legitimate, but is not and they are trying to get your personal information. He says the reports of the problem are up dramatically this year.

Miller says the scams can be very sophisticated.

He says once you open the links they ask you for personal information that can use to file a tax return in your name. He says they will try all avenues to get to you and it may be someone close to you.

If the email is asking you for things like your Social Security number or bank information — that’s a big clue that it is a phising attempt.

Miller says you can help them try to stop these attacks.

One recent campaign used emais with subjects like “IRS Important Notice,” “IRS Taxpayer Notice” and other variations to demand a payment or they threaten to seize the recipient’s tax refund.

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