Northwest Iowa — Despite Punxsatawney Phil’s prediction of an early spring last Saturday, winter is hanging on here in northwest Iowa.

Snow and blowing snow combined for a Blizzard Warning for the area Thursday, although not much snow fell in northwest Iowa. However, with the gusty northwest winds, not much snow was needed to severely limit visibility, causing schools to close, basketball games to be canceled, and many businesses to either close early or not open at all.

After the snow system moved through the area it’s back into the deep freeze, with lows of 10-below zero common Thursday night, and a stiff northwest wind dropping wind chills into the dangerous territory.

Jim Murray is a forecaster for the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls, and he says Friday will be another bitterly cold day in northwest Iowa.

After Saturday’s rebound into the teens for high temperatures, the mercury should reach the teens again Sunday, and may reach the lower 20’s by Monday.

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