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Rural Iowa (RI) — The annual spring spotlight survey by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is underway. The DNR’s Tyler Harms says the survey focuses on what are called furbearers.

He says the heavy snow and cold weather this winter may’ve had an impact on some animal populations.

He says the survey may confirm some of the reports of deer which did not make it through the winter.

According to Harms, the survey provides them a valuable look at the populations of the animals.

Harms says the survey doesn’t allow them to count every animal out there, but does give them a good estimation of their population. The survey will run through this month.

Parts of Iowa have been flooded or still have flood waters, and Harms says they will do the best they can to do surveys there.

The survey begins an hour after sunset, preferably on a night with a clear sky, low wind and high humidity. Harms says the survey routes were designed to include all types of habitats found on the Iowa landscape in an effort to not skew the number of animals counted in either way.

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