April 15, 2019 - 4:29 pm - Posted in News

Sioux City, Iowa — Firefighters in Paris have been battling a fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame for nearly a day.

The impact of that blaze is being felt by the Catholic faithful throughout the world. Bishop R Walker Nickless of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux City issued the following statement on the fire at the Paris cathedral.

“On behalf of all the faithful of the Diocese of Sioux City, I express our profound sadness at the fire today at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, which has fully consumed the roof and central spire of this famous and beautiful church. Even here in Iowa, many of us have visited and prayed in this magnificent church named after our lady, the Mother of God. The destruction of such a notable piece of our shared Catholic heritage affects all of us. During this Holy Week of our faith, the tragedy at this Cathedral reminds us all of the importance of visible signs of our faith that are meant to lead us to deeper prayer and trust in the Lord. May God be with the people of Paris and all the world who look to this Church as a testament to beauty.”

“Yet, above all, we give thanks to God that, so far as is known, the fire has caused no injuries or fatalities. Through the intercession of our Lady, St. Dennis, and St. Martin, patrons of France, we pray for all those affected by the loss of this Cathedral, and that it may be restored to all its former glory in the near future.”

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