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Water In Pipe Going To Worthington Means It’s One Step Closer To Sibley

Worthington, Minnesota — The water system that was founded to deliver Missouri River aquifer water to tri-state area communities is now serving Worthington. And that means it’s one step closer to Sibley.

Lewis & Clark Regional Water System Executive Director Troy Larson tells us about it.

He says that with water in that pipe, it means the system is one step closer to serving Sibley as well.

Larson says that depending on federal funding and if they can get the Iowa Legislature to loan them some funding until the federal funding comes in — Sibley is slated to be connected in 2025.

According to Larson, Lewis & Clark’s next focus is getting Sioux Center and Hull connected. They will be on a different line that will come from Beresford, South Dakota and go under the Big Sioux River. He says they hope to have that done by 2022.

After that, they can work on getting Sheldon connected, which he says should be done by 2024 if funding keeps coming in at around $15 million per year. Since Sibley and Sheldon are on the ends of their respective lines, they are scheduled to receive water last.