Larchwood, Iowa — If your commute or the route you take to get to Sioux Falls involves the road referred to by many as “the back way from Larchwood to Sioux Falls”, your trip is going to be a little longer for a while.

According to the Lincoln County, South Dakota Sheriff’s Office, the resurfacing of Lincoln County road 135 began this week. They tell us the project begins at the north edge of Canton and continues on for about 14 miles to the north, including the Iowa spur by Lake Alvin. The “Iowa spur” is the road that connects with Lyon County road A18 at the bridge over the Big Sioux River. A18 is the road that goes west from the south side of Larchwood.

Many people take this road past Spring Creek Golf Course and then turn left again on Lincoln County Road 106 to access destinations in southern Sioux Falls. The road also meets up with I-29 at Tea, South Dakota.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office tells us the project is estimated to take four to six weeks. Earlier this week, they said the work was causing significant traffic delays. They are asking people to consider using an alternate route. They also say that motorcyclists should use extra caution on this road due to uneven road surfaces.

For people coming from Iowa, if you want to consider alternate routes, you might consider A26 past the West Lyon School and Lake Pahoja, cross the river, and continue to I-29. Or you could take Highway 18 through Inwood and Canton and meet up with I-29.

You could also take Highway 9 through Larchwood, past the Grand Falls Casino. In South Dakota, that road becomes Highway 42 and there’s a turn off for 26th Street, or if you keep going on the highway, it turns into Tenth Street in Sioux Falls.


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