Northwest Iowa — The USDA says more than 90 percent of the Iowa corn crop is now in the ground as farmers had nearly a full week of good planting conditions. The percentage planted went from 80 to 93 in the last week — but that is still more than two weeks behind last year and almost three weeks behind the five-year average. Farmers who have planted or are planting late have had crop insurance and federal program issues to deal with.

The latest crop report said this was the first time this season farmers had more than 5 days suitable for fieldwork in a week.

Soybean planting also has been going well — moving from 41 percent planted to 70 percent. Soybean planting is 17 days behind last year and the five-year average.

Seventy-three percent of the crop has emerged statewide, which is more than two weeks behind last year. The corn condition rated 58 percent good to excellent. Thirty-five percent of the soybeans have emerged — which is two weeks behind last year.

Here in the northwest district, the latest crop report said that corn was 95 percent planted and 70 percent emerged. Soybeans were 70 percent in the ground, with 26 percent emerged.

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