September 6, 2019 - 12:44 pm - Posted in News

Ashton, Iowa — 4th District Iowa Congressman Steve King held the 36th of his promised 39 county town hall meetings Thursday afternoon, this time in Osceola County.

Several area residents were on hand at the American Legion Community Center in Ashton for King’s Osceola County town hall meeting, which touched on topics ranging from veteran’s benefits to telemarketing robocalls, trade, renewable fuels, immigration and more.

One of the meeting’s attendees asked Congressman King his thoughts about the prospects of having his committee assignments reinstated. King was stripped of all committee assignments back in January by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy over an interview that King had done with a reporter from the New York Times. King maintains he was misquoted in the article, and told the group at Ashton that his only mistake was granting the interview in the first place.

Following the town hall session, King took a few minutes to take questions from the press in attendance. One of the questions posed to the Congressman was his strategy for regaining his committee assignments.

He was also asked about the status of his relationship with President Donald Trump.

Thursday’s Osceola County Town Hall meeting at Ashton was scheduled to run from 3:00 to 4:00 pm, but the scheduled one hour meeting ran about 20 minutes longer than planned.

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