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Please contact Upper Des Moines Opportunity in Sibley if you are willing to help make a family’s Christmas a little better this year. Please call during office hours which are Monday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 8:00 – 12:00 and 12:30- 3:30 to adopt a family or with any questions. UDMO’s number is 712-754-2573.

Here’s this year’s Osceola County Sharing Christmas List

  1. Adopted
  2. Adopted
  3. Adopted
  4. Adopted
  5. Adopted
  6. Adopted
  7. Adopted
  8. Adopted
  9. Adopted
  10. Adopted
  11. Adopted
  12. Adopted
  13. Adopted
  14. Adopted
  15. Adopted
  16. Elderly woman would like a Walmart gift card.
  17. Adopted
  18. Adopted
  19. Adopted
  20. Adopted
  21. Disabled woman would like 2 firm bed pillows and a Fareway gift card.
  22. Elderly woman would like 2 firm bed pillows, lg vanilla candle and a Walmart gift card.
  23. Adopted
  24. Adopted
  25. Adopted
  26. Adopted
  27. Family of 4 – Girl age 17 needs XL shirts and likes candles and Edgar Allen Poe books. Boy age 15 wears size men’s small and needs long sleeve shirts and socks and would like Harry Potter memorabilia. Boy age 14 wears size XL boy’s and would like long sleeve shirts, socks and likes books about history or science.
  28. Family of 2 – Elderly man would like a Walmart gift card. Elderly woman would like a Walmart gift card.
  29. Family of 6 – Boy age 17 wears size 1x shirts and 36/32 pants and would like a hoodie and New England Patriot stuff. Boy age 12 wears size 10/12 pants and 14/16 shirts and likes semi trucks and the Kansas City Chiefs. Girl age 7 wears size 7 pants and 10/12 shirts and likes Shopkins. Boy age 21 months wears size 2t and likes cars and trucks or anything Mickey Mouse. Mom and Dad would appreciate a gas card.
  30. Elderly woman would like a Hyvee or Fareway gift card.
  31. Family of 5 – Girl age 5 wears size 6 pants and youth medium shirts and would like clothes and sensory toys. Boy age 4 wears size 5 pants and small shirts and would like clothes and toys. Girl age 2 wears size 2t and would like clothes and learning toys. Girl age 1 wears size 18 month and would like clothes and toys.
  32. Adopted


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