Statewide Iowa (RI) — Information from a debit and credit card processor located in Iowa confirms the trend that sees more Christmas shopping moving on-line.

SHAZAM network spokesman Patrick Dix says they found Black Friday transactions increased by three-point-five percent. He says type of card used for those purchases caught his eye.

The debit cards take money directly from your account instead of building a balance you have to pay later with a credit card. The amount spent for each Black Friday transaction went up 12 percent to around 28 dollars.

He says you can tell retailers have realized that on-line shopping continues to grow.

Transactions for Cyber Monday were up 14 percent and the average purchase amount was up four percent.

People spent an average of 27 dollars on Cyber Monday. Whether you shop on-line or in a store — Dix says there’s not clear cut choice of how people will pay.

He says they did see an increase in the number of digital wallet transactions done without a card.

Dix says this is also a generational issue as those who are more used to using their electronic devices begin to have more income to spend.

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