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Spirit Lake, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Natural Resources issues a weekly fishing report on Thursdays in an effort to provide the latest information heading into the weekend. The weekly fishing report is compiled from information gathered from local bait shops, angler creel surveys, and county and state parks staff. For more information contact the Spirit Lake fish Hatchery at 712-336-1840.

Arrowhead Lake
Arrowhead Lake had around 3-4 inches of ice at the boat ramp on Jan. 2. Ice has pulled away from shore in some areas. There has been little fishing activity.

Black Hawk Lake
As of Jan. 2, there was 5 inches of ice off the Ice House Point boat ramp. There are still open water fishing opportunities at the Fish House and the Inlet Bridge. There is open water and thin ice in the east basin and in the inlet bay. Yellow Perch – Fair: Anglers are catching some perch around Shotgun Hill and the Ice House Point boat ramp. Keeper size perch range from 8- to 12-inches. Black Crappie – Fair: Anglers have picked up some fish using minnows on a small jig.

Black Hawk Pits
There was 3 inches of ice, with some open areas and rotten ice right along shore, on Jan. 2. Ice fishing is not recommended until conditions improve.

Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake)
Reports of 5-8 inches of ice on the East side, with more variable conditions elsewhere on the lake and open areas around the big island. Check ice thickness often if you venture out. Use extreme caution, may be some open areas and seams. Anglers report catching perch, walleye, and white bass.

Ice conditions are extremely variable in west central Iowa. Some lakes have open water areas and unsafe ice. Other lakes that are seeing angler activity have 3-8 inches of ice. Use extreme caution; check thickness often and avoid discolored ice. Foot traffic only is recommended in our district at this time. For more information, contact the Black Hawk District office at 712-657-2638.

Clear Lake
Ice thickness is 6 to 8 inches. Use caution near the rushes. Bluegill – Slow: Use a small jig tipped with a waxworm near the edge of vegetation. Yellow Perch – Good: Yellow perch are biting on a variety of baits. Use larger baits and change location to find bigger fish. Walleye – Fair: Try a jigging spoon tipped with a minnow head near the edge of vegetation. Black Crappie – Slow. Yellow Bass – Slow: You have to move around to find fish.

Crystal Lake
Ice thickness is 6 to 8 inches. No fishing activity reported.

Lake Cornelia
Ice thickness is 6 to 7 inches. Yellow Bass – Good: Lot of small fish are being caught.

Lake Smith
Ice thickness is 6 to 8 inches. Anglers are catching small bluegills and a few crappies. Use caution near the aeration hole southeast of the island.

Lower Pine Lake
Ice thickness is 3 to 4 inches. Poor ice condition along the shore is making access dangerous. Ice fishing is not recommended.

Rice Lake
Ice thickness is 6 to 8 inches. Bluegill – Slow. Yellow Perch – Slow.

Silver Lake (Worth)
Ice thickness is 6 to 8 inches.

Upper Pine Lake
Ice fishing is not recommended.

For information on the lakes and rivers in the north central area, contact the Clear Lake Fish and Wildlife office at 641-357-3517.

East Okoboji Lake
Walleye – Fair: Fish the southern basin. Try near Parks Marina. Evening bite is best. Bluegill – Fair.

Lake Pahoja
Bluegill – Good.

Lost Island Lake
Yellow Bass – Good: Some anglers are doing well when they find a school of fish. Yellow Perch – Fair: A few larger fish are being caught with some sorting.

Scharnberg Pond
Rainbow Trout, stocked on Oct. 26, are still being caught. You need a valid fishing license (age 16 and older) and pay the trout fee to fish for or possess trout.

Spirit Lake
Ice thickness is 7-10 inches. Avoid seams and points. Walleye – Good: Evening and morning bite is best. Use live minnows and jigging baits. Bluegill – Fair: Evening hours are best. Yellow Perch – Good: Best bite is early and late. Recent unsettled weather slowed the bite slightly, but it should pick back up.

Trumbull Lake
Yellow Perch – Slow: A few fish are being caught.

West Okoboji Lake
Use extreme caution on the main lake. Smaller bays have 5-6 inches of ice. Bluegill – Fair: Walleye – Fair: Evening hours are best.

Ice thickness is 5-10 inches on area lakes. Warmer weather has slowed ice formation, but the quality is generally good after recent rains. Some large seams and ridges have become evident; stay away from these areas. Use caution with ATV’s. No vehicle traffic is advised. Avoid inlets and bridges. Aeration systems at Center Lake, Silver Lake (near Lake Park), and Ingham Lake have been started and signs are put up. Stay clear of these systems. For current conditions, call the Spirit Lake District Office at 712-336-1840.

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