Statewide Iowa — Iowa’s governor says she’s reviewing options in reference to moratoriums on eviction, and utility shut-offs. The governor’s moratorium on evictions is set to expire next week.

(As above) “We’re looking at a coupleĀ of different scenarios on how we move forward with that to make sure that we’re not removing that too soon as we being to open up our economy,” Reynolds says, “and help Iowans get the skills to fill some of the jobs that are available as we begin to move forward.”

One idea, from the Iowa Economic Development Authority, would provide grants to apartment OWNERS who have unemployed tenants who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Another part of the governor’s proclamation that expires next week forbid utility shut-offs. Reynolds says she’s still reviewing all aspects of the closures and restrictions that she ordered this spring that remain in place through May 27th.

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