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Statewide Iowa — There’s a rare illness among children that’s been linked to COVID-19, according to Iowa Department of Public Health medical director, Dr. Caitlin Pedati, who says it’s called Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome.

(As above) “This is something we’re following very closely in order to learn more about,” Pedati says.

Children in Iowa and elsewhere have made up a small number of reported COVID-19 cases.

(As above) “Thankfully, reports of children becoming seriously ill are very rare,” Pedati says. “However, late last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shared a message alerting health providers and public health professionals to this new kind of inflammatory syndrome that seems to be associated with COVID-19.”

Dr. Pedati says symptoms include fever and inflammation throughout the body.

(As above) “Now, like with so many things with this response, this is an example of a place where we need to learn more,” Pedati says.

Two children in eastern Iowa have been diagnosed with Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome. Iowa doctors and hospitals in Iowa are now required to report suspected cases to the state.

Public health officials in New York have identified 100 cases of this new syndrome there and national media reports indicate three children in New York have died.

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