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Northwest Iowa — Two more northwest Iowans were reported to be infected with COVID-19 on Tuesday, according to the latest statistics from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Sioux County was up two cases at 450. Lyon, O’Brien, and Osceola counties were all unchanged. Lyon has 39, O’Brien 81, and Osceola 51.

As far as active cases, Lyon County has one, Sioux County has 120, O’Brien County has 29, and Osceola has four.

Recovery rate:

Lyon — out of 39 cases, 38 have recovered, for a rate of about 97%
Sioux — out of 450 cases, 330 have recovered, for a rate of about 73%
O’Brien — out of 81 cases, 52 have recovered, for a rate of about 64%
Osceola — out of 51 cases, 47 have recovered, for a rate of about 92%

Also, one death has been reported in these four counties since the beginning of the pandemic, that in O’Brien county on Tuesday, June 9th.

Total numbers of cases from other counties around the area and their change from the previous report (6/29/2020):

Iowa counties:
Plymouth 300, up 5
Cherokee 71, unchanged
Buena Vista 1695, unchanged
Clay 120, up 1
Dickinson 241, up 3

Minnesota counties:
Jackson 54, unchanged
Nobles 1652, up 1
Rock 30, unchanged

South Dakota counties:
Minnehaha 3610, up 10
Lincoln 343, up 2
Union 123, up 2

Here are some density numbers from regional hot spots. But keep in mind, that these numbers do include people who have had COVID-19, and have since recovered.

Buena Vista County, Iowa has a density of about one case in 12 people. Very close to that density is Nobles County, Minnesota, where there is one case in 13 people. Next in our region is Woodbury County with one case in every 32 people, and then Minnehaha County, South Dakota with one case in 54 people.

In the four northwesternmost Iowa counties, Sioux County tops the density list at one case in 78 people. Osceola is next with one case per 118 people. Next is O’Brien County with one in 170 people, and Lyon County reports a density of one case in every 303 people.

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