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Ten More COVID-19 Cases Reported In Northwest Iowa Friday

Northwest Iowa — In the four northwestern-most Iowa counties, ten more COVID-19 cases were reported on Friday, according to the latest statistics from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Sioux County was up eight at 583 cases. Lyon County was up one at 98. O’Brien County was unchanged at 115 cases and Osceola County was up one at 77.

Less than one percent of residents of Lyon and O’Brien counties have had COVID-19 — both counties at a little more than eight-tenths of a percent. Stats tell us that 1.28 percent of Osceola County residents have had it, and 1.67 percent of Sioux County residents have had COVID-19. The highest density in our region is in Buena Vista County, where very close to nine percent of the population has had it.

As far as active cases, Lyon County has 21, Sioux County has 110, O’Brien County has 25, and Osceola has 15.

Recovery rate:

Lyon — out of 98 cases, 77 have recovered, for a rate of about 79%
Sioux — out of 583 cases, 471 have recovered, for a rate of about 81%
O’Brien — out of 115 cases, 89 have recovered, for a rate of about 77%
Osceola — out of 77 cases, 62 have recovered, for a rate of about 81%

Three deaths have been confirmed in these four counties: One in O’Brien County on June 9th, and two in Sioux County — one reported this Wednesday and one reported last Friday (July 24th).

Total numbers of cases from other counties around the area and their change from the previous report:

Iowa counties:
Plymouth 434, up 7
Cherokee 97, unchanged
Buena Vista 1782, up 1
Clay 168, unchanged
Dickinson 369, up 3

These numbers reflect the 24-hour period of noon Thursday until noon Friday.