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Sheldon, Iowa — A financial app on a major web portal has named Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon as the fourth-best in the nation.

MSN Money (MSN.com) has recently ranked Northwest Iowa Community College as the 4th best community college in the nation by cost and quality. NCC officials report that the college scored a total score of 68.27 of 100 points.

On its website, MSN Money states, “In its latest annual analysis of U.S. community colleges, WalletHub gives each school an overall score, with a possible total of 100 points. The report ranks schools by the scores, which take into account measurements of the cost of an education and students’ educational and career outcomes.”

Here are the member institutions of the American Association of Community
Colleges that WalletHub ranks highest.
1. State Technical College of Missouri — Total score: 74.5 of 100 points
2. Arkansas State University-Mountain Home — Total score: 69.78 of 100
3. College of San Mateo — Total score: 69.17 of 100 points
4. Northwest Iowa Community College — Total score: 68.27 of 100
5. Northern Wyoming Community College District —Total score: 68.07 of 100

NCC officials tell us they extend sincere congratulations to all the colleges that were recognized, but especially State Technical College of Missouri whose president is an NCC alumnus — Dr. Shawn Strong, who graduated through NCC’s Mechanical Construction Technology program in 1993.

For a complete listing of all the rankings click here. For a link to the above-referenced WalletHub.com story click here.

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