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State Climatologist Talks About 2021

Statewide Iowa — The 2021 weather year wasn’t one that will end up at the top of the list when it comes to extremes — but there were a few numbers and events to note.

State Climatologist, Justin Glisan, says precipitation was two or three inches below normal overall.

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He says 2021 came after a very dry 2020. Some areas caught up by the end of the year — while others continue to see rainfall deficits.

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One thing 2021 didn’t have was a lot of severe weather — but there were major tornado outbreaks in July and with the serial derecho in December.

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Glisan says the December derecho is an event that will be studied for some time. He says the lack of severe weather tied in with the dry conditions.

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He says the temperature situation was a little unusual as well.

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December alone saw temperatures average 32 degrees — which is six-and-a-half degrees above normal. Temperatures rose into the 70s on some days in December.