Statewide Iowa — Gasoline prices hit a new record high in Iowa as of Tuesday morning.

According to Triple-A Iowa, the average pump price for regular unleaded gas in Iowa hit $4.08 Tuesday morning. That’s up 8-cents since Monday, up 18-cents since one week ago, up 27-cents since this time last month and $1.26 higher than it was one year ago.

The highest prices in the state are in northeast Iowa’s Winneshiek County, where regular unleaded is selling for $4.20 per gallon, while the county with the lowest average price in the state is here in the northwest. Palo Alto County has the lowest average pump price for regular unleaded, at $3.91 a gallon.

Here in the far northwest corner of the state, Triple-A says the average pump price for regular unleaded in Sioux County is $4.13. Lyon County prices are at $4.01 a gallon and Osceola County is at $3.95 a gallon. Triple-A says there is no data available for O’Brien County, but a quick check of Sheldon stations shows the average pump price for regular unleaded stands at $3.99, up a dime a gallon from Monday.

Tripled-A says the national average pump price for regular unleaded as of Tuesday morning was $4.37 a gallon. The price range nationwide, according to Triple-A is $3.90 a gallon in Georgia to $5.84 in California.

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