Weather is on everyone’s mind this time of year — and the two questions being asked the most are — when is it going to rain — and — what is this winter going to be like?

We had a chance to visit with Todd Heitkamp, the warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls, and posed those two questions.

Heitkamp says unfortunately — at least for those concerned with fire protection in this dry time — we’re not expecting any significant rain any time soon.

In fact he says — we might not see a soaking rain before the snow flies — so we may have to get our moisture in the form of snow.


Speaking of winter, Heitkamp says we’re looking at an “average” winter.

Of course, the question is — what is a “typical” winter?


Heitkamp says it is an “El Niño” year, but it’s hard to tell what the effects of “El Niño” will be in our area. But in North Dakota and northern Minnesota, Heitkamp says the effect will probably be more pronounced, as they are expecting it to be colder and snowier than normal in those areas.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director

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