November 29, 2011 - 11:05 am - Posted in News
A Sibley farmer now serves on the “Farmers for Ron Paul” national advisory board.
According to the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign office, Kevin Wolfswinkel joins a Virginia farmer who has been named to the board.
Joel F. Salatin raises livestock using chemical-free holistic methods and co-owns Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia.
Wolfswinkel says that he and Paul agree that liberty and big government cannot co-exist for very long.  He says that Government dislikes the idea of independent-minded individuals having free reign over their own lives.  But he says, QUOTE, “At the same time agriculture is one of the few remaining bastions of freedom loving entrepreneurs, and unless a new course is charted farmers risk losing everything they and their families have spent generations working for.” 
Wolfswinkel is a corn, soybeans and pork farmer from Sibley.
He says that the hard work and personal sacrifice required to succeed in agriculture is at risk of being erased either by crippling regulation, the government’s financial mismanagement, or a combination of both.   According to Wolfswinkel, Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who possesses the expertise, personal will, and integrity to get us on the road to regaining control of our lives and livestock.

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