Zachary ThronsonSibley, Iowa — A Fargo man was arrested after he allegedly entered a closed Sibley business, but authorities are not charging him with burglary.

Officers allege that 24-year-old Zachary James Thronson of Fargo, ND had entered Sibley Super Foods through an unlocked rear door, some time before 3 AM on Tuesday morning (1/22). An in-store surveillance camera revealed what appeared to be an intoxicated suspect sleeping in the store and then breaking the front door glass to exit the building. Officers were alerted to the fact that something was not right when a County Deputy discovered broken glass at the entry door of the building. At approximately 7:00 AM, investigating officers located the alleged suspect — Thoronson in Sibley.

He was charged with Criminal Mischief in the 4th degree, a Serious Misdemeanor; Theft in the 5th degree, a Simple Misdemeanor; Trespassing, a Simple Misdemeanor; and Public Intoxication, a Simple Misdemeanor.

Thronson posted a $1900 bond and was released.

Investigating officers determined that the charge of burglary did not apply because of the suspect’s level of intoxication, extreme cold weather, the unlocked door, and lack of intent.

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