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Sibley, Iowa — Osceola County authorities arrested a 34-year old Sibley Man Thursday, on a warrant charging various felony and misdemeanor crimes.

Osceola County deputies say Jose Jesus Garcia, of Sibley, was arrested on a warrant accusing him of: Gathering for Use of Drugs, a Class D Felony; Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Deliver, A Class D Felony; Possession of Methamphetamine With Intent to Deliver, a Class C Felony; Possession of Cocaine With Intent to Deliver, A Class C Felony; Child Endangerment, an Aggravated Misdemeanor; and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a Simple Misdemeanor.

Deputies say Garcia was taken to the Osceola County Jail in lieu of a $17,300 bond.

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Sibley, Iowa — A very special bowling tournament is drawing bowlers from across the area to Sibley this weekend to compete, and raise money for a good cause, all at the same time.

The Madison Tournament will be held, beginning Friday night, at the Merry Lanes in Sibley. The tournament is designed to raise money for Madison Uhl, a Sheldon teen who has been diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a form of cancer that grows in and around the bones.

Breck Wasmund of Merry Lanes talks about how the Madison Bowling Tournament came about.

Wasmund says that an anonymous donor has stepped up, as well.

Wasmund says there is still space for some bowlers Friday night, and tells how you can get involved.

He says the tournament is comprised of “just a bunch of bowlers who want to help”.

He says spectators are welcome to come watch the bowlers, and you’ll have an opportunity to donate to the cause while you’re there.

Wasmund says Madison has a close connection to Sibley’s Merry Lanes. Her dad, Todd Uhl was an avid bowler at Merry Lanes until a wrist injury sidelined him last season.

Again, if you’d like to sign up to bowl Friday night, just call Merry Lanes in Sibley at 712-754-2322.

Sibley, Iowa — A 46-year old Sibley man was arrested Wednesday on a felony warrant in connection with four drug-related charges.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office says their deputies served the warrant on Hue Phat Le, charging him with: Two counts of Possession of Controlled Substance Violation; Unlawful Possession of a Prescription Drug; and Possession or Control of a Firearm in a Controlled Substance Violation. All four, according to authorities, are felony charges.

During the course of his arrest, deputies allegedly found a baggie of marijuana on Le’s person and he was additionally charged with Possession of Controlled Substance and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Le was transported to the Osceola County Jail where he is being held on a $16,600 bond, according to authorities.

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Sibley, Iowa — The execution of a search warrant in Sibley on Tuesday has resulted in the arrests of several individuals on various drug-related charges.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office identifies those arrested in the raid as: 46-year old Deidra Lynn Osberg, 50-year old Scott Alan Harms, and 47-year old Tamara Linn Ford, all of Sibley, as well as 45-year old Jerry Lee Seivert of Ashton, and 41-year old Julius Dean Kracke of Sioux City.

Authorities charged Osberg with the following alleged offenses: Possession of Methamphetamine With Intent To Deliver-More Than 5 Grams, a Class B Felony; Possession of Cocaine With Intent To Deliver-Less than 100 Grams, a Class C Felony; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a Simple Misdemeanor; Failure to Affix a Drug Tax Stamp, a Class D Felony; and Gathering for Use of Controlled Substances-Other Than Marijuana, a Class D Felony. Authorities say Osberg was taken to the Osceola County Jail, and held in lieu of a $120,300 bond.

Cops say Harms was arrested for seven outstanding Osceola County warrants, and charged for allegedly possessing  drug paraphernalia, a simple misdemeanor. Harms was held in the Osceola County jail without bond.

Seivert was charged for the alleged offenses of: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a Simple Misdemeanor; Possession of a Controlled Substance 2nd Offense – Marijuana, an Aggravated Misdemeanor; and Possession of a Controlled Substance 2nd offense – Methamphetamine, an Aggravated Misdemeanor. He was taken to the Osceola County Jail on a $43-hundred bond.

Ford was charged with the following alleged offenses: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a Simple Misdemeanor; Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Offense – Methamphetamine, a Serious Misdemeanor. Authorities say Ford was arrested and held in the Osceola County jail on a $13-hundred bond.

Kracke was arrested on a pair of felony Osceola County warrants and charged with the following: allegedly Gathering For Use of Controlled Substances-other than marijuana, a class D felony. Deputies say Kracke was held in the Osceola County jail without bond.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office and the Iowa Department of Narcotics Enforcement.

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Northwest Iowa — It’s almost time for the Iowa party caucuses again. Contrary to popular belief, caucuses are not only held on Presidential election years. In northwest Iowa, both parties are holding caucuses this year on Monday, February 5th.

On the Republican side, party leaders tell us that the caucus attendees will:
1. Vote for members of the Central Committee
2. Vote on delegates and alternates to the County Convention
3. Propose County Platform Planks

All eight Osceola County Precincts will meet at the Osceola County Courthouse, 300 7th Street, Sibley, at 7 p.m.
On the Democratic side, they have basically the same purposes:

1. Discuss and adopt proposed resolutions to be added to the county platform
2. Elect Delegates and Alternates to the County Convention
3. Elect Precinct Committee Persons to the County Central Committee.

In Osceola County, the Democratic Party Caucus will also start at 7 p.m. They also say you must be in line or signed in by 7:00 p.m. to participate. All Precincts will meet at the Sibley Senior Center 612 8th Street in Sibley. You are asked to call Kathy Winter at 712-754-2237 if you have a question.

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Sioux Center, Iowa — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math — known by the acronym “STEM” is the focus of an opportunity for kids in Sioux Center on Saturday, February 10th. But organizers say that due to the popularity of past events, you’ll want to register as soon as registration opens, this Sunday, January 21st.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Lyon County Youth Coordinator Jill Postma tells us about this STEM Fest, which will be held at Dordt College.

She says that even if your kids have been to a previous STEM Fest, they’ll probably still want to participate in this one because there are several new activities. She highlights some of the activities for us.

She says it’s an all-day event.

Postma tells us that there are no residency restrictions, and you don’t have to be in 4-H to attend — it’s open to all fourth through eighth graders. She says in past years they’ve even had some students from out-of-state attend.

Postma says feel free to call your local extension office for more information, but registration is online-only, and opens this Sunday, January 21st, at 5:00 p.m. She says they have a limit of 200 students, and it fills up fast. You can pay the $10 registration fee with a credit card when you register.

Online registration and payment should be completed at https://form.jotform.com/4Hregion1/dordt-stem-fest-2018. (The link will say that the form is not available if you click on it before Sunday at 5 p.m.) Registration will close Feb. 2 or sooner if the maximum of 200 youth is reached prior to that date.

Sessions include:
A Kaleidoscope of Microbes presented by Dordt College

Bees, Bats and Butterflies presented by Iowa Master Gardeners

Biodiversity Bonanza presented by Water Rocks!

Build Your Own Microscope presented by Dordt College

Butter for Your Mutter presented by Western Iowa Dairy Alliance (WIDA)

Compound Bow: A New Superhero’s Tool presented by Dustin Sperlich

Coding with Scratch presented by Dordt College

Colors of Chemistry presented by Dordt College

Crack the Code with Agriculture presented by the Ag Literacy Foundation

Cyclon Eyes: An Arduino Workshop presented by Dordt College

Earth from Space presented by EROS Data Center

Exploding Dots presented by Dordt College

Exploring Nursing presented by Dordt College

Fetal Pig Surgery presented by Dordt College

Food Science presented by Dordt College

Force Factor presented by Albers ATA

Fun with Fossils presented by Sanford Museum

Heart Monitors – Get in the Zone and Hit Your Target! presented by ISU Extension and Outreach

Multiplying Success in Cattle presented by Trans Ova

Ozobot Scavenger Hunt presented by the Northwest Iowa STEM Hub

Physics is Phun presented by Dordt College

Power-Up Soldering presented by TechKnow

Prairie Fire – Why? How? And What About the Animals? presented by Dordt College

PrISUm Solar Car: Solar Energy is the Future! presented by the ISU PrISUm Solar Car Team

Sound Like A… presented by Sioux County Conservation

Vet Science and Body Systems presented by Dordt College

West Point Bridge Designer presented by Dordt College

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Spencer, Iowa — A Sibley man has been absolved of any wrongdoing after he shot a man in September of last year.

The Clay County Attorney’s Office says that charges will not be filed in regards to the September 1, 2017 shooting death of 30-year-old Nicolas Bandomo of Albert City.

In the early hours of September 1, 2017, the Clay County Communication Center dispatched emergency personnel for a gunshot victim in Spencer. When personnel arrived on the scene, they located the victim, who was identified as Bandomo. Bandomo was transported to the Spencer Hospital and later transferred to Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where he died.

Authorities say an investigation conducted by the Spencer Police Department, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, and Clay County Attorney’s Office determined that Bandomo illegally gained entry into an occupied residence at 801 East Twelfth Street in Spencer. They say that on the date of shooting, Bandomo was prohibited from making contact with the residents at the home by multiple protection orders. They tell us that 26-year-old Andres Ramos of Sibley fired a single shot, striking Bandomo while Bandomo was inside the residence. Bandomo fled the residence to 819 East Twelfth Street, where emergency personnel found him.

The investigation concluded that Ramos was justified in using deadly force against Bandomo under Iowa law.

Man Dies In Spencer Shooting Incident (September 7, 2017)

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Northwest Iowa — In this first month of the year, you may need to be more vigilant to keep from getting ripped off by scam phone callers, or identity thieves.

Dan Hendrickson, a spokesman for the Better Business Bureau, says it’s not too late to make a resolution to ensure your credit is safe.

By checking your credit report, Iowans can spot signs of identity theft early. It may also be helpful to register your phone on the “Do Not Call” registry to avoid a host of questionable sales pitches and pleas for charitable donations, but it isn’t a perfect system.

To get your phone on the “Do Not Call” registry, visit donotcall.gov.

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Northwest Iowa — We’ve all heard the term “Net Neutrality” in the news, but most of us really don’t know what it means, or how it impacts our internet access and use.

We talked to Ruth Kuster from HTC Communications and asked her what Net Neutrality is.

She says the Federal Communications Commission recently rolled back Net Neutrality rules.

We asked Kuster if the rollback of the Net Neutrality rules was good or bad.

We wondered if the Net Neutrality rollback has an impact on the way HTC does business.

Whether or not the Net Neutrality rule rollback remains in effect, Kuster doesn’t think those of us here in northwest Iowa will see much difference in our internet experience.

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Sibley, Iowa — Two blood drives coming up later this month in Sibley are special. They will honor a local resident who has been the recipient of a number of units of blood that people have been donating.

The Sioux Falls Community Blood Bank Bloodmobile will be in Sibley twice in January, Wednesday, January 24th and Friday, January 26th. Both of these drives will be in honor of local resident Jerry Roetzel, who has been receiving regular blood transfusions for a number of years.

Osceola Community Hospital and Community Blood Bank personnel are asking people to take some time out of their day and give the gift of life. They say that the life you save may be someone you know.

You can call the Osceola Community Hospital Laboratory to make an appointment at 712-754-2574 ext. 260.

Rita Nelson from the Community Blood Bank tells us the requirements for donating blood.

Sixteen-year-olds can find a parent consent form at cbblifeblood.org/.

The Community Blood Bank is the sole supplier of all blood and blood products for Osceola Community Hospital. No hospitals in our area, including Osceola Community Hospital receive any blood or blood products from the American Red Cross.