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Sioux Falls, South Dakota — A popular concert and athletics venue will be implementing bag restrictions at all events beginning next month.

According to their website, the Denny Sanford Premier Center is implementing the restrictions to further ensure the safety of all their patrons and employees. In addition, they say it will serve to speed up check-in times for guests.

According to the website, backpacks or opaque bags larger than 4.5” x 6.5”will not be allowed in any of their venues. Patrons who are in possession of items that are larger than that bag size will be denied entry. Under no circumstances will an employee accept a bag for “safe keeping”, take possession of any such bag or otherwise control such bag.

The website says a clear bag policy will be in effect beginning September 1st. Guests may enter the building with a clear one (1) gallon zipper lock type bag. A clear stadium bag that is no larger than 12” x 12” x 6” is an
acceptable alternative to the zipper lock type bag. Tinted bags will not be permitted.

For more information, visit the Denny Sanford Premier Center website.

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Allendorf, Iowa — The report of a vehicle in the ditch led to a pair of arrests for Osceola County authorities Wednesday.

According to a report from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, their dispatch center received a report of a vehicle in the ditch on Highway 59 near the intersection of 130th St.

Authorities say they were informed that the driver of the vehicle in the ditch was picked up by another vehicle and that vehicle had left the scene. Officials say Osceola County Deputies located and stopped the vehicle, and as a result of the traffic stop, the driver of the vehicle, 28-year-old Brandon Michael Miller, of Round Lake, Minnesota was arrested for allegedly operating while intoxicated -1st Offense.

The driver of the vehicle involved in the accident, 36-year-old Amanda Kay Untiedt, of Sibley, was also arrested for allegedly operating while intoxicated -1st Offense.

Deputies say Miller and Untiedt were transported to the Osceola County Jail and they were each held on a $1,000 bond.

Untiedt reportedly received minor injuries as a result of the accident and her vehicle, a 2013 Ford Explorer, sustained approximately $12,000 worth of damage.

Milford, Iowa — A chain of restaurants that has two locations in this area, has filed for bankruptcy, and announced the closing of 29 of its locations.

Perkins and Marie Calendars LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this week, according to the company’s website.

As part of the bankruptcy restructuring, the company closed 10 of its Perkins Restaurants, and 19 of its Marie Callendar’s location. The company closed the restaurants this past Sunday.

The ten Perkins locations to close are located in Florida, Wisconsin, Kansas and Minnesota. The two Perkins restaurants closest to us, in Milford, and in Worthington, were not on the list of restaurants being closed by the company.

The nineteen Marie Callendar’s restaurants closed were all located in California and Utah.

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Northwest Iowa — (RI) — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he supports President Trump’s visit to El Paso, Texas, following one of last weekend’s two mass shootings that left 31 people dead.

Some residents and elected leaders in El Paso objected to the president’s visit, claiming Trump’s anti-immigrant comments likely sparked or contributed to the gunman’s actions. Grassley disagrees.

Grassley, a Republican, says if the president did -not- go to Texas to pay his respects, he’d be “roundly criticized.” During a political fundraiser at a Crawford County shooting range on Monday night, Grassley renewed his call for so-called red flag laws, which would make it harder for people who are a threat to buy guns.

Reports say 17 states have now passed red flag laws allowing a family member or law officer to petition a judge to rule on whether to remove guns from someone who is a threat to themselves or someone else. After the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that claimed the lives of 17 students and teachers in February of 2018, Grassley said he would hold hearings on a variety of bills designed to prevent gun violence. There’s been little progress on any red flag legislation in a year and a half.

Republican Senator Joni Ernst, Iowa’s other US senator, released this statement: “I agree with the president that we must strongly condemn hate in all forms and stand united in the wake of these acts of violence. While there’s no quick fix guaranteed to prevent future tragedies, there are bipartisan efforts we can build upon, and I am open to reviewing proposals that will have a real and positive impact while ensuring we defend the rights of Americans, including that of due process.”

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Northwest Iowa — Charges are currently pending in a series of burglaries that took place in a three-county area of northwest Iowa late last month.

According to a report from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, on July 27th, Osceola and O’Brien County Sheriff’s Offices recovered stolen property that had allegedly been taken during burglaries in Osceola, O’Brien and Sioux Counties.

According to authorities, the property recovered included a 2009 Honda dirt bike allegedly taken from a residence in rural Sioux County, 2 motorcycles and 1 dirt bike allegedly taken from Glen’s Sport Center in Sheldon, another Honda dirt bike allegedly taken from a private residence in Sheldon, a 2004 Yamaha Raptor allegedly taken from a residence near Ashton, and a 2016 Arctic Cat 450 that had allegedly been taken from a residence near Sibley.  Also recovered were several ATV helmets, goggles, 9 handguns and ammunition which were reportedly taken in a burglary that occurred at 59 Powersports in rural Osceola County.  Authorities say most of the property was recovered in a wooded area west of Ocheyedan.

Authorities say charges are currently pending against 19-year-old Isaiah Frederick, and a 17-year-old juvenile male and both of Ashton.

The Sheldon Police Department and Sioux County Sheriff’s Office assisted Osceola County authorities in the investigation.

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Arnolds Park, Iowa — The 85th Annual Okoboji Bible Conference is going on this week at Arnolds Park.

Okoboji Bible Conference Executive Director Jon Pausley says the conference started this past weekend.

Pausley says this was the second consecutive year that I Am They has appeared at the Okoboji Bible Conference.

He says you can come for any or all of the sessions offered this week at the Okoboji Bible Conference.

If you’ve never been to the Okoboji Bible Conference, Pausley encourages you to attend a session this year.

He tells us that a Sheldon man will be speaking during the Sunday Morning Service this weekend, on the final day of the conference.

The 85th Annual Okoboji Bible Conference continues through this Sunday, August 11th, and it located at the intersection of Highway 71 and Broadway, which is the stoplight corner in Arnolds Park, directly across the street from the Okoboji Middle School.

Orange City, Iowa — An Ocheyedan man who had been accused of burning LGBTQ books borrowed from the Orange City Public Library has been convicted of 5th Degree Criminal Mischief in Sioux County Magistrate Court.

According to the Sioux County Attorney’s Office, 63-year-old Paul Robert Dorr, of Ocheyedan, was convicted and sentenced Tuesday in Sioux County Magistrate Court for the crime of Criminal Mischief in the Fifth Degree, a Simple Misdemeanor.

The Sioux County Attorney’s Office says the case arose on October 19, 2018, when Paul Dorr live-streamed a video of himself on social media burning controversial books owned by the Orange City Public Library. The Orange City Police Department charged Dorr with Criminal Mischief in the Fifth Degree, alleging he intentionally destroyed another’s property, and Dorr pled not guilty demanding a jury trial.

During the case Dorr filed: a motion to dismiss alleging selective prosecution, a notice of defense of necessity, a motion to continue the trial, a motion to suppress evidence, a renewed motion to dismiss, a motion for change of venue, and two motions to have Magistrate Mazurek recused. The Court denied all Dorr’s motions.

On August 3rd, Dorr waived his right to have the case decided by a jury, and on Tuesday, the matter came to trial before Magistrate Mazurek, who found Dorr guilty and sentenced him to a $65.00 fine, including a 35% ($22.75) surcharge, and $60 court costs, according to Sioux County Attorney Thomas Kunstle.

Later Tuesday, Dorr released the following via email to “media, friends, et al.”

“I was found guilty in Sioux County District this morning by Magistrate Judge Lisa Mazurek. I offered no defense for my actions as prior to the trial per the Sioux County Attorney’s request Mazurek denied my ability to argue the nature or cause as to why I burned the books. Due to this order and restrictions on what I was allowed to say in Court I waived my right to jury trial. County Attorney Kunstle because of my “brazenness” recommended the highest fine ($650) allowed, plus court costs, under Iowa law but would waive the jail time. Stating that she could not find any prior criminal conduct on my record (other than a few speeding tickets) she gave me a $65 fine plus court costs. (Thank goodness she must not have looked too far back as I’ve got several trespass convictions in Atlanta, Omaha, Des Moines, Sioux Falls and near Springfield, MO for blocking doors to abortion clinics back in the 1990s.) None of these officials seem the lease concerned about the souls of the children of Orange City which the public library board are attacking. God have mercy on them and all of us. I had a brief but good interview with NPR out of Kansas City, MO.”

Attached to Dorr’s email was a Press Statement. That may be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

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Statewide Iowa — (RI) — The Libertarian Party of Iowa and one of its 2018 candidates have filed a lawsuit challenging a recent change in Iowa election law.

Jake Porter of Council Bluffs, last year’s Libertarian candidate for governor, says it will likely reduce the number of third party candidates who run for office.

Since 1953, third party candidates have had until mid-August to submit the paperwork necessary to get their names on the General Election Ballot. The new state law that goes into effect for the 2020 election moves the deadline up five months, to mid-March. Porter says it increases the advantages Democrats and Republicans already have. The Republican Senator who help steer the bill through the legislature has released a statement. Senator Roby Smith of Davenport says “moving the filing deadline forward for independent candidates simply treats them in the same manner as Republican and Democratic candidates.”

Porter says if the law stands and there’s more than one candidate vying for an office, some candidates who file papers in mid-March won’t get their party’s endorsement at summertime conventions.

The lawsuit has been filed in federal court. There’s been no comment on the lawsuit yet from Governor Reynolds or Republicans who hold the majorities in the Iowa House and Senate.

Photo caption: Jake Porter – Photo Courtesy Radio Iowa

Sibley, Iowa — The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office will be opening their doors to the public as part of National Night Out, which is Tuesday, August 6th at the Sheriff’s Office in Sibley.

Osceola County Sheriff Doug Weber says the Sheriff’s Office will be holding an open house from 6:30 to 8:30 Tuesday evening to observe National Night Out. The Sheriff talks about some of the activities to be held during that open house.

Sheriff Weber says attendees will be able to check out some of the county’s emergency vehicles, as well.

National Night Out has been held annually since 1984, when it began with neighbors turning on their porch lights and sitting in front of their homes. Those early years observances morphed into an occasion to promote community-police awareness about police programs in the communities.

Nataional Night Out is held each year on the first Tuesday of October.

Northwest Iowa — Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg will make stops in O’Brien and Osceola Counties Tuesday, during a swing through northwest Iowa.

According to the Governor’s Office, the two will begin their day in Humboldt as they tour the Humboldt Recreation Center Tuesday morning. After a stop in Pocahontas, the governor and lieutenant governor will make their O’Brien County stop at the Prairie Heritage Center near Peterson at 1:45 Tuesday afternoon. From there it’s on to Osceola County, where they’ll tour the CFE feed mill at 3:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning, Reynolds and Gregg will make stops in Emmet and Palo Alto Counties, before heading back to Des Moines to participate in the Iowa State Fair Kickoff Parade. The State Fair itself begins Thursday morning.

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