Primghar, Iowa — The O’Brien County Adopt-a-family and Osceola County Sharing Christmas programs have ended on a high note.
Christmas presents
We talked to Upper Des Moines Opportunity’s Amber Schurke, who tells us that many O’Brien County families are experiencing the generosity of others this Christmas season.

She tells us the news is just as good in Osceola County.

She says there’s a lot of thanks to go around for those who helped these northwest Iowa families.

We at KIWA would also like to thank Upper Des Moines Opportunity, and you our listeners who gave so generously.

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West Branch, Iowa — Iowa District 1 State Senator David Johnson of Ocheyedan has been elected to serve on the board of the Hoover Presidential Foundation.
johnson, david
The board re-elected 12 other members, including four executive officers.

The Foundation says that Johnson has been a long-time supporter and was a recipient of the Foundation’s Uncommon Public Service Award in 2008.

Johnson says that it is an honor to join the board and to help spread the word about this important Iowa resource.

The Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that supports the Hoover Presidential Library-Museum and Hoover National Historic Site in West Branch.

Spirit Lake, Iowa — First State House District Representative-Elect John Wills has been selected as vice chairman of a house committee.

House Speaker Kraig Paulsen recently announced that Representative-Elect John Wills (R-Spirit Lake) will serve as the Vice Chairman of the House Environmental Protection committee.
Paulsen says that Wills brings a unique perspective and tremendous real world experience to the Environmental Protection committee. He says that Wills will be a valued asset to the committee.

Wills was also appointed to the Natural Resources, Human Resources, State Government and Agriculture and Natural Resources budget subcommittees.

Wills will represent District 1, which includes all of Lyon and Osceola Counties, and the northern two-thirds of Dickinson County.

Osceola BOS

From left: Osceola County Auditor Barb Echter; County Supervisors Mike Schulte, Merlin Sandersfeld, LeRoy De Boer, Chairman Jayson Vande Hoef, Phil Bootsma. In rear, County Attorney Bob Hansen

Sibley, Iowa — The former Cedar Cabin restaurant property in Ashton still has a shot to become a restaurant once again.

In a meeting moved to the Osceola County Court Room, due to the size of the audience, the Osceola County Board of Supervisors heard from County Engineer Charlie Bechtold.

He told them that he had talked to other engineers offices in other counties, and was told that he only needed to get the consent of the Board of Supervisors to bid on property in an auction. He said that had he known there were people interested in opening the restaurant, he wouldn’t have bid on the property. He talked to the auctioneer and the real estate agent, and neither of them knew of anyone who was interested in the property for a restaurant. Bechtold also clarified that the United Farmers Coop didn’t approach him asking if the county would sell their current Ashton shop property, Bechtold approached them and asked if they’d be interested.

County Supervisor Mike Schulte appeared sympathetic with the situation and told people that he wanted to work together to see if a restaurant would still work there.

Bonnie Vos said that they were interested in the property but only at lower prices, as the property would need significant investment. She said her daughter wanted to own the property.

Osceola County Engineer Charlie Bechtold addresses the board and public

Osceola County Engineer Charlie Bechtold addresses the board and public

Ashton resident Jamie Iedema told the board that there should have been a meeting to discuss the issue.

Supervisor Phil Bootsma said that when he was called by Engineer Bechtold, his initial reaction was “no.” He said he should have asked more questions at that time.

Rochelle Buchman of Sibley proposed that since the County has given many different economic development incentives, that they should just give the property to Bonnie Vos, free and clear.

Senator David Johnson said the board should be careful not to make another mistake, and questioned the legality of Buchman’s idea.

County Attorney Bob Hanson took most of the blame for the situation, stating, “It was my mistake,” and “I was wrong.” He said that when Engineer Bechtold asked him if he could bid, Hanson looked for a statute that said he couldn’t. He says he should have looked for a statute that said that he COULD bid instead.

Board Chair Jayson Vande Hoef asked Osceola County Economic Development Director Mike Earll if his organization would work with them. Earll told them he couldn’t speak for the whole board but that it was his thought that the OCDC would do everything they could to “make it right.”

The board decided to finalize the purchase of the Cedar Cabin property, but it was the general consensus of the board that they would sell it to someone interested in re-starting a restaurant there. They are interested in working with Voss, but noted that they would have to advertise their intent to sell, and entertain offers from any and all bidders.

Primghar, Iowa — Many people are making Christmas plans this time of year, but for some people they just hope to be able to survive as a family from day-to-day.

Upper Des Moines Opportunity sponsors and runs a program every year in O’Brien County called “Adopt-A-Family”.  They run a similar program in Osceola County called “Sharing Christmas”.  We talked to UDMO’s Amber Schurke. She says it’s a program that lets community members and groups or organizations provide holiday gifts for needy families.

She says it’s all anonymous and they only identify each family by a number. She tells us how the families are picked.

Schurke says if you or your family or business is interested in adopting a family, you can find the O’Brien County list at, and the Osceola County list on But she says you do need to call the Upper Des Moines office to tell them who you picked because the list is constantly changing.

Schurke says adopting a family is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

We asked her how many people the program serves every year.

Again, to find the list of O’Brien County families, you can click here, and then call Upper Des Moines at 957-1023 — or in Osceola County click here, then call 754-2573.

Once you have your family or families, buy the gifts, and then wrap each gift including a tag with the family number and who it is for, and put the family number in LARGE, BOLD numbers on all sides of the container in which you place the wrapped gifts.

Other counties have similar programs. Mid-Sioux Opportunity serves Lyon, Sioux, Cherokee, Plymouth, and Ida Counties. In some counties, you can contact your local ATLAS office, where they handle a Christmas program for the less fortunate.

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Ashton, Iowa — A week ago, the Osceola County Secondary Roads Department purchased the former Cedar Cabin property in Ashton, possibly for a new shop. Now the Osceola County Board of Supervisors wants to talk about the purchase.Cedar Cabin Steaks Sign

On the Supervisors’ agenda for their meeting this Tuesday are two items related to the purchase.

Listed first is an item called, “Engineer’s purchase of property in Ashton(former Cedar Cabin)”. Next on the agenda is an item called, “Engineer’s Spending Authority.”

We did talk to Osceola County Engineer Charlie Bechtold last week. He told us that the Secondary Roads Department did purchase the property at a public auction on Monday, December 1st. He says that the department did have the consensus of the County Board of Supervisors before bidding.

Bechtold says the roads department is considering a new shop on the property, and transferring the pond to the County Conservation Commission.

Bechtold says the county does have a standard operating procedure for acquiring property, and he says it was followed.

Ashton, Iowa — The former Cedar Cabin restaurant property in Ashton has been sold — to the Osceola County Secondary Road Department.Cedar Cabin Steaks Sign

Our website, has had several comments pertaining to the former Cedar Cabin property so KIWA News decided to follow up and provide listeners and web visitors the facts. Here’s what we found out.

We talked to Osceola County Engineer Charlie Bechtold. He told us that the Secondary Road Department did purchase the property at a public auction on Monday, December 1st. He says that the department did have the consensus of the County Board of Supervisors before bidding.

Bechtold says that for now, the department isn’t going to do anything with it, but they do have future ideas.

He says the property comes with a four-acre pond, which they are looking at transferring to the County Conservation Commission.

Bechtold says the Secondary Roads Department already has a shop in Ashton near the elevator. But he says it’s congested there he says and the elevator has expressed interest in their property.

The county engineer says the Cedar Cabin has sat empty for two years and is in a state of disrepair. The auction was for the property as-is.

Cedar CabinIn the future, Bechtold says the roads department is considering a new shop in that area. He says he thinks it would make a nice entrance for Ashton.

Bechtold says the county does have a standard operating procedure for acquiring property, and he says it was followed.

According to the Vande Vegte/Zomer Auction web site, the property sold for $55,000.

December 1, 2014 - 4:02 pm - Posted in News

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Sheldon, Iowa — There are two arms of the federal farm program, and producers are going to have to choose one of the two. Several meetings are planned in northwest Iowa including one at Northwest Iowa Community College.corn on stalk plant sxc

We had a chance to talk with Iowa State University Extension expert Melissa O’Rourke, who is facilitating some of the meetings.

She tells us about the next step.

She says there are some tools to help you do that on the ISU Extension Ag Decision Maker web site. Then, O’Rourke says farmers will need to select either Price Loss Coverage or Agriculture Risk Coverage.

She stresses that all of this is in addition to whatever private crop insurance farmers may decide to buy. She says that there are meetings planned to help farmers and landowners make these decisions.

O’Rourke says they’ve been averaging over 200 people per meeting, and she tells us about some of the meetings in our area.

Again, for more information you can call your local extension office. There are several other meetings planned as well if one in a different location or on a different date works better for you. You don’t have to go to the meeting in your home county, as O’Rourke says they’re all basically the same.

Incidentally, the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation is also hosting a number of meetings about the same topic. Those meetings start December 15th and run through February 3rd. There is no cost to attend, but registration is requested. A complete list of the meetings and their locations can be found at If you have questions about the Farm Bureau meetings, you can call 515-225-5633.

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ARC-PLC decisions

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Ashton, Iowa — An Ashton teen has won a state level pageant.BriannaHuff

Eighteen-year-old Briana Huff of Ashton has recently been selected as Miss Hawkeye State Junior Miss at the America’s US Miss Iowa pageant in Davenport. She will represent Iowa at the America’s U.S. Miss National Scholarship Program finals, in July 2015 in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Huff is the daughter of Lyle and Lisa Huff of Ashton. She tells us about herself.

She tells us about the pageant.

Pageant officials say that emphasis is placed on the importance of gaining self-confidence, learning new skills and setting and achieving personal goals. They say that the America’s U.S. Miss Scholarship Program seeks to recognize the accomplishments of each national finalist, while encouraging her to set goals for the future.

Huff says she couldn’t have done it without support from northwest Iowa.

Huff says that you can contact her if you are interested in having her appear at an event or if you’d like to sponsor her. Her email address is

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