January 3, 2022 - 2:32 pm - Posted in News

Mayfield, Kentucky — A group from Rise Ministries in Sheldon arrived in Mayfield, Kentucky as part of a relief mission to bring new chainsaws to the tornado-ravaged community.

We talked to Rise Ministries founder and president Rob Roozeboom Monday morning. He tells us he was amazed by the response to last week’s plea for donations of chainsaws, or cash, to take to help with the clean-up effort in Kentucky.

In addition to chainsaws, Roozeboom says chainsaw accessories were donated, as well. He says his group was excited to deliver the chainsaws to Kentucky.

He talked about the reactions of the locals to the delivery of those saws.

Roozeboom describes the work being done with the chainsaws YOU donated.

He says photos and video footage we’ve seen of the storm’s aftermath fall short of capturing the magnitude of the devastation wrought by the tornadoes in that area.

Roozeboom extends a huge thank you to everyone from northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota who responded to last week’s plea for chainsaws. Together, you have made a real difference.

A few images of the unloading of donated chainsaws in Mayfield, Kentucky can be viewed below……




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