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Even More COVID Tests Coming Back Positive This Week

Northwest Iowa — There were 72 more positive COVID test results in the four northwesternmost Iowa counties this week than there were last week, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health.

In the last seven days, of all the tests that were given, 786 of them came back positive, which compares to 714 the previous week. The highest percentage of tests coming back positive in Lyon, O’Brien, Osceola, and Sioux counties this week was Lyon County, where 34 percent of given tests came back positive. 151 tests came back positive, an increase of 16 tests. In sheer numbers, O’Brien County had the highest number of positives, with 188, an increase of 45 positive results over the 143 positives a week ago. But only 33 percent of tests given came back positive, which is lower than Lyon County’s percentage. There were 11 more positives this week than last week’s positive count in Sioux County. Last week it was 366, this week it was 377, which represents 26 percent of given tests. Coincidentally, Osceola County had the exact same number of positive results this week as they had last week, at 70, which this week represents 30 percent of given tests.

Three more people lost their lives to COVID-related causes in the last seven days. They were two people in Sioux County and one person in Lyon County. Sioux County’s total is now 80. Lyon’s is 45. Osceola and O’Brien remain at 20 and 63, respectively.