Northwest Iowa — Many people are under the impression that since they have homeowner’s insurance, if something catastrophic happens to their home, it will be paid by insurance. And sometimes that’s the case, with no qualifications. But not always, according to insurance experts.

Experts tell us that sometimes, the policy is written with certain stipulations, and since construction material costs have increased significantly, it would pay to check your policy. Jodi Vermeer, an insurance agent with Perspective Insurance, an independent insurance agency in Sheldon, says it really depends.

She says it depends on the company and what was done when your policy was written.

She says most policies have an inflation rider, which should help, but not all of them do. And inflation varies, so it would pay to make sure that your coverage is keeping pace.

Vermeer encourages you to check with your insurance agent periodically, but especially now, when costs continue to rise and inflation is more of an issue.

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