Rock Rapids & Sibley, Iowa — Senator Chuck Grassley held town meetings in two of our four counties on Wednesday. He was at the Forster Community Center in Rock Rapids to speak with the public and at the Sibley Pizza Ranch to speak with Rotary, Kiwanis, and Chamber members.

Grassley says there are unique topics at every event he attends when he does his 99-county visits every year, but many topics come up frequently, and they were all discussed on Wednesday.

Grassley took questions on a wide variety of topics in Rock Rapids, from energy policy to why we aren’t pursuing the Chinese in regard to COVID. Grassley was asked about his quote in which he mentioned all the new IRS agents being hired and an advertisement he saw looking for new IRS employees and stating that they should know how to use a gun. He also said that with the high number of new agents being hired, he feels like they will be targeting the middle class.

One person thanked him for his support of the bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed recently. Grassley says he had taken some heat for his support of that bill, but he says he voted for it to help productivity.

We asked Grassley for an update about his beef packers bill.

Grassley says that makes it difficult to sell beef cattle.

The news of the day on the federal front was President Biden’s plan to forgive some student loan debt. Grassley says he doesn’t think it’s fair.

Grassley was also asked if he would debate with his November opponent, Sioux Center native Mike Franken. Grassley says he will, and the first one is scheduled for October 6th.

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