Sibley, Iowa — Citizens of Osceola County will soon be paying a tax to go toward Emergency Medical Services. A new law recently went into effect, making this possible, and Osceola County voters approved levying the tax at the polls on Tuesday by 65 percent. As a new tax, it needed at least 60 percent to pass.

Osceola County EMS Director Sande Smith tells us what she thought of the news.

She tells us what will happen next.

Smith says their main problem right now is recruiting people to be EMTs. She gives us her ideas about how the money should be spent.

She says the money is really going to help out Osceola County EMS, but the big problem is still finding people who want to take the course and be a part of the team. Smith says perhaps they need to advertise it as a job with an incentive. She says training is already paid for.

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