Des Moines, Iowa — The first full week of the 2023 session of the Iowa Legislature is in the books. We had a chance to connect with new District 5 Republican State Representative Zach Dieken.

And that’s new in both senses — the district is new, and the representative is new. Dieken represents the new District 5, which includes all of Osceola and O’Brien counties as well as about half of Cherokee County and a few townships in Buena Vista County.

We asked Representative Dieken what his priorities are for the 2023 legislative session.

We asked him his opinion on the tax reform that legislators have been discussing.

Those of you know knew Representative Dieken before he became a representative probably know that he normally goes by Iowa State Patrol Trooper Zach Dieken. Dieken tells us that while he is now a state representative, yes, he is still a state trooper.

Dieken encourages people to give him a call. He says one of the emphases of his campaign was that we live in a republic and that means everyone can be involved in representative government. If you have an issue, he says he’d like to talk to you.

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