Sibley, Iowa — The Sibley-Ocheyedan Community School District Board of Education has laid out plans for how instructional time lost to snow days will be made up.

The school board has voted to eliminate Wednesday early dismissals. That begins this Wednesday, February 15. They also have added five days to the end of the school year. They report that their new last day for students will be May 25th. The new last day for teachers will be May 26th. If there are more snow days this school year at Sibley-Ocheyedan, the next four days that are missed will be forgiven. But, starting with the fifth day, the days will be added to the end of the school year.

School officials tell us the board did not rule out adding time to the school day. They will have another hearing and consideration at a future meeting to consider that possibility if needed.

Sibley-Ocheyedan officials ask parents to contact the district office if they have any questions.

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