Sibley, Iowa — The Community Blood Bank bloodmobile is coming to the Osceola Regional Health Center in Sibley on Wednesday, March 22nd.

The Community Blood Bank’s Executive Director Ken Versteeg says this is an important blood drive because the blood bank is getting hit hard and they are the only supplier of blood for Osceola Regional Health.

He explains how much blood they lost out on because of having to cancel so many blood drives this winter.

Versteeg says one unit of blood can save roughly three lives, so 1,000 units could have saved roughly 3,000 lives. He says that when there is a blood drive at Osceola Regional Health they usually have 40 to 45 people sign up to give blood.

The goal, Versteeg says, is to have the average amount, if not more, people sign up to give blood. If you want to make an appointment, which is preferred, call the Osceola Regional Health Center at (712) 754-5358. Walk-ins are welcomed, though they may have to wait as appointments will be taken first. Versteeg says with warmer weather coming up he is hoping for more blood drives and more donors to come out.

Osceola Regional Health Blood Drive is on Wednesday, March 22nd from 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

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